Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Yarn of the Irish

Catbert has taken to reading my blog, which is nice. We were chatting on the phone at the weekend and she mentioned how amusing she found it that all the posts were about how I'd bought yet more yarn and still not knitted anything. Well I think that is a slight exaggeration, Catbert, actually, but I have to confess that I did order some more yarn at the weekend, and it has been arriving this week. Regular readers might recall that I have been thinking about knitting the Central Park Hoodie. I also purchased the pattern for Rogue this week. Mmmm, think I need a bit more aran yarn.
I discovered this gorgeous store on ebay, and in a few clicks of a lambs tail had purchased some Kilcarra Irish Aran Tweed in a charcoal colour

and in a grey-brown mix with lovely coloured flecks.

I think I will get at least one more lot, in another colour, it is difficult to find really nice aran yarn, and this is just gorgeous, soooo soffffft and pretttty my preciousssss, yesss.
Storage might be a problem, I may possibly have to chuck out some of Mr Knitbert's electronic stash. Personally I don't think he would notice for at least five years, he doesn't spend as much time with his stash as I do with mine!

I broke a knitting needle on Sunday and while I was waiting for it to be glued by Mr Knitbert I decided to take a break from knitting Ivy and start a sock. This is a Hedera in Angel Yarns hand dyed sock yarn. I think it's really pretty, but I have resumed Ivy now as the needle is mended, so the sock will have to wait a few weeks while I finish that.

You may notice that the clock is now showing the time in Hong Kong. What can it all mean?


Kai said...

hmmm... the aran is looking so yummy.. temptress. I'm on a yarn-diet!!

Hedera is so lovely in that colourway! It's the same one I used for my sister's pair.. :)

Seahorse said...

Noooo! More tweedy temptation! The grey/brown is particularly gorgeous with those flecks in it.

Your Hedera is looking very nice!

Christina said...

hhhm, lovely aran. I think they will make lovely cph/rogues. I also slipped up and got some of the green, but it it to make mr CJ a jumper - I promised!!!

oh and I love the colour of the sock. I tried AY hand-dyed, but found it too thin for me on 2.5mm needles, for some reason. I guess you're not finding the same problem?

Peg said...

just saw your blog, re your storage problem. I agonised over storage for quite some time. I do xstitch, quilting, crochet and knitting again. I have my own sewing room but am slowly running out of stash storage so have decided to pop DH & his commi etc plus all climbing gear into the garage. I'll provide him with a comfy chair and even a lap quilt but with all his winter climbing clothing he'll be warm enough. If you need help in conning your DH out the door just give me a bell. ;o))) PS just thought perhaps I could put a bed in there too.....mmmm.

Queen Frogger said...

I like the way the yarn is knitting up on the sock, really pretty.

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