Thursday, 25 January 2007

Stash Reduction? Not On My Watch!

When I started knitting Ivy, I was pleased with myself because I was knitting it from stash, and it meant that a large pack of yarn taking up space on the cupboard floor would soon be gone. I also thought that joining Sock a Month 2007 would quickly reduce my sock yarn stash (see Yarn Disclosure ), so by now I imagined I would be well on my way to reducing the stash backlog.

Well, owing to a couple of unfortunate incidents involving ebay last week, I have now increased my stash, and I am knitting Ivy as fast as I can to make some space to put it all. First of all, I have decided to knit the Central Park Hoodie, for which I needed (no, really, dear reader, I did need it) two packs of green Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed (from Janette's Rare yarns).

Then I saw some Twister sock yarn on the Angel Yarns Forum. A quick search on ebay revealed a pack of eight in lovely colours from this seller. Ooops. Now my sock yarn stash contains enough to knit twenty six pairs of socks, which if my calculations are correct (and they've been checked by Mr Knitbert) means MORE than two socks per month. And in fact I haven't even started one sock for the month of January as I am knitting Ivy. *Hangs head in shame*.

Nice yarn though innit?
By the way, you may have noticed our nice new blog clock. Why is it showing the time in Auckland? All will be revealed...soon.


Glenna C said...

Oh, I am envious of your stash reduction/non-reduction - I am trying the same thing and am still managing to find excuses to buy new bits of yarn. I too feel your pain - I am trying to knit my current sweater as fast as I can to make room for MORE sweater knitting. I hope your Ivy turns out nice and cozy!

terri said...

Nice sock yarn indeed knitbert!!!! you have to try these thigns so you can spread the word to others!!

I've had Ivy on otn for ages now, just the two fronts to do at some point:-)

Kai said...

oohh.. lovely stash enhancement there!!! :)

Christina said...

very nice stash enhancement. I love the green of the DB aran, and know all too well the lure of ebay, especially Jannette's lovely shop ;) I also caved and bought some of the green in that exact colour - to knit my mum the cph, of course!! Hope ivy is coming along well, I expect you'll finish it in no time.

Anni said...

Gotgeous yarn, especially like the sock yarn. Enjoy it.