Monday, 25 February 2008

Shawl Is Forgiven, but Hooked on Crochet

Oh my! Where has the time gone! It's nearly the end of February. I have finished my crochet cushion - or at least the crocheted bit. I'm really pleased with it, I love the colours. I just have to sew a cushion cover and attach it to the front now, which won't happen this week because I'm away from home. I've also got a cunning plan to finish my other crochet cushion, which (if I've got it in my knitting bag) I'll take a photo of later to show you as it's been a UFO for so long that no living reader of my blog will remember it.

Although I have forgiven the shawl, I am temporarily distracted from restarting it (sorry Catbert) by my Quiltalong square for February. The theme is Romance, and I have been crocheting some squares in pinks, purples and greys, which I am enjoying. I was forced to order some new yarn for this, as I did not have anything suitable in stash, and I chose DROPS Karisma from Scandinavian Knitting Design, which is 100% washable wool and very reasonably priced.


It turned up the day after I ordered it, and I must say I love it. It's very soft, and the colours are gorgeous, I'll be buying more of this. It's a dream to crochet with, too.

I've also been tagged, which I'll respond to in my next post, and apparently I've won an award too! I'm off to the Cabled Climber's blog to find out more...