Saturday, 30 December 2006

Bits and Pieces

After the excitement of Christmas we have had a very quiet week chez Knitbert. On Wednesday evening we were invited to join friends of mine from university, and their families, for the evening. It was lovely to catch up with everyone again, I only see these friends once a year at most, but somehow we seem to just drop back into a conversation which we have been carrying on now for thirty years or so.

Since then we have been eating simple, plain food, drinking a lot of water and I have been getting on with DSOK's second sock, which is now on the last four inches of the foot, hooray! I have also realised that I used one ball of sock yarn to make the socks, obtained a second in case I didn't have enough and also ordered an additional ball of Opal Lollipop, so I have used one ball of sock yarn and gained two more aaaaargh! That wasn't smart.

This afternoon it is grey and wet outside, indoors it seems to be Stargate Atlantis day, which is good for knitting to, and so I am knitting, DH is reading, Catbert is asleep on the sofa and DSOK is asleep upstairs. They have both just returned from a trip to visit their old schoolfriends, so after scoffing any food they could find in the kitchen they have collapsed. As they will be off tomorrow to celebrate the New Year with yet more dietary excess I suppose they need to recharge their batteries a bit.

I remembered that I have not yet published the third video in the gripping "Mitten Snippin'" series, so this seems like a good time to do so.

In this episode I knit around the thumb stitches, create the thumb and then fasten off.

And finally, I have been tagged (again!) by Bronte. After some thought I think I should try to list six more weird things about me, even though I'm NOT AT ALL WEIRD, so here goes:

1. I actually like to speak in public, for example to give presentations.
2. It isn't just Star Trek Voyager I like, I'm actually a bit of a science fiction nut, and I do think that sci fi is the best TV to knit to
3. After agonising about the decision for twenty years I finally got my nose pierced when I was 40, inspired because my daughter had hers done (at the age of 16) and I thought "if she can I can"
4. I learned to ski at 37 and to sail at 40, both sports terrified me at first! So it's never too late
5. My favourite cake is the Galette des Rois which you can get in France in January, if I have a meeting in France in that month I always ask my colleagues to get one for me (and this year I have....)
6. I really do enjoy cleaning...

In the first few days of the New Year I have signed up to a UFO Buster on the Crafty Threads and Yarns forum, so I'll be publishing some pictures of my UFOs, both knitting and sewing, and maybe asking for some advice on what to do about them. I'm also going to be starting an Ivy knitalong and a sockamonth challenge. Phew! I need a rest already.

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Christina said...

Happy New Year. I've joined the sock-a-month challenge, maybe I should do the UFO too.