Saturday, 9 December 2006

A Cathedral City

I spent last week in Wells, in Somerset, in the South West of England. This photo is of the view from my hotel window, of St Cuthbert's Church.

I know it sounds from the last few posts like I spend all my time travelling around, visiting great places, but actually this time I was working. We worked quite hard, too, starting at 8.00 a.m. and usually finishing around 7.00 p.m., so there was not much time for sightseeing or taking photos, which is a shame because Wells is a lovely little place, the smallest city in England and entitled to call itself a city because of its cathedral, which you can see more about here. I was staying in the Swan Hotel, which is just up the road from the market place and the entrance to the Bishop's Palace.

The Swan is a historic building, and my room this time was in the older part of the hotel, and it looked a little like this

only smaller.

When I am working away from home with such long hours the only time when I can exercise is first thing in the morning, so if the location permits I get up and go for a run before breakfast. In Wells it is possible to run around the Bishops Palace moat and grounds, and I was lucky enough to have a colleague who wanted to run with me, so at 6.00 am each morning we met at reception and set off. The weather was very blustery during my stay, but we were lucky and did not have to run in the rain.

The last time I was working and staying here was in June, when 6.00 a.m. is well after sunrise and we were able to run out through the fields around the city, but at this time of year it is too dark, so we just did circuits of the Palace grounds.
This photo shows the wall along the side of the moat, we ran along the path the other side of the wall.

The circuit finishes here, at Browns Gate which leads back to the road the hotel is in. It's certainly a very picturesque place to run in!

I shall be back here again in early January, let's hope for some crisp, cold, clear skies!

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