Sunday, 17 December 2006


As I am sending out the Christmas cards this weekend, I have put up a slideshow with some photos of us during 2006, for friends and family (and other readers of course) to have a look at.

Exciting news this afternoon - Mr Knitbert has completed a DIY project in the garden! He has replaced a down pipe on the garage, which was damaged when we had some building work done. And a very nice neat job he has made of it too. It has only taken him four years to get around to it.

It also appears that I have been "tagged" by another blogger (thanks Terri!), which means that I get to list six weird things about me. I should then pick six other bloggers to "tag", but as I am a very new blogger and don't know any others who haven't already been selected, I thought I would just do my own list of six and leave it at that.

Actually, I'm not at all weird, so I have been scratching my head a bit over this, but here goes:

1. I collect Barbie dolls (but I have probably the smallest collection in the world, consisting of precisely 5 dolls)

2. I speak fluent French

3. I wish there was a TV channel dedicated to "Star Trek - Voyager", I like to watch it while I knit

4. I can "carry a colour" - that is to say I can see a colour and remember it visually well enough to match it later

5. I love decorating (the painting a room type), I find it really relaxing to listen to music and watch the transformation of a space by applying colour to the walls.

6. When I was very little, my parents took me to the sea side for my first holiday and I refused to get off the beach mat and walk on the sand because I was afraid of the worm casts - I hated the way they felt on my feet.


Marie said...

You can carry a colour? Gosh, I SO need you to come with me when _I shop. I can stand in a shop and swear that a scarf perfectly matches the colour of my hat at home, only to get it home and they are nothing alike. It drives my husband batty.

I really liked your slideshow - it's like a personal snapshot of your life.

Sylvie(France) said...

Hi Knitbert, Your slideshow is great! I see you're in front of the Airbus A380, where was it?? (just curious, lol).

Christina said...

you're definately less weird than me ;) terri tagged me as well, so I don't know who else to tag either!!

I have a frightful memory and am so envious of your colour ability!! I do speak a language as well though, but mine is German!!