Saturday, 16 December 2006

An Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday evening I had an unexpected phone call from DSOK the intern. "I thought I'd crash at your place, if that's OK," he said. I said it was OK. "Erm, am I still on the car insurance?" he asked, nonchalantly. "You might be, " I said, equally nonchalantly.
"Oh, well, I'm going to this tournament, and I just wondered if I could borrow the car?" he confessed. "OK," I said.
"Great! I'll be there at about 8.00pm, any chance of a lift from the station?"
"No," I said, "none at all. You can walk, it'll do you good".
It's only a 30 minute walk from the station, by the way, in case you are appalled at my harsh treatment.
"OK," he said,"what's for dinner?"

And there you have it, life with the modern student.

Anyway, after dinner we were chatting of Christmas presents and DSOK got out the scarf he is knitting for his sister. I thought you might like to see this picture of him knitting it. The scarf is in Sirdar Foxy fur knitted together with a strand of black DK acrylic, following a suggestion from one of the Angel Yarns Forum members. It has worked really well, the scarf is very soft and fluffy and has a nice firm feel to it.

He's a bit short of time to get it finished though!


terri said...

well done you , getting a male knitting:-O
I've been offering to teach dh for ages, but he's reluctant to say the least LOL
The scarf looks great too, sure his sister will love it!!!!

terri said...

Knitbert, you've been tagged!!!!
check my blog to see what I mean!

Christina said...

Well done on getting a male knitting. My DH won't try either, but DS is keen on my yarn/needles, so you never know ;)

I like the fluffy scarf, could do with one of those myself - is he taking commissions!!!

Anni said...

The scarf is grest. Well done to your son for knitting.