Monday, 25 December 2006

A Family Affair

Probably the best part of Christmas for me is now, when the dinner is served and eaten, the presents are unwrapped and received and everyone falls asleep in the quiet of the afternoon. My responsibility is to get Christmas dinner on the table and once that is achieved I can relax.

I have hardly stopped since Friday. I drove for two hours in the fog to fetch Catbert home for Christmas, then another two hours in the fog and darkness to get us back. What are those motorway signs saying "Fog" all about, by the way? I can see there's fog, I don't need a flashing sign to tell me! Does the Highways Agency imagine that drivers are slapping their foreheads when they see this singularly unhelpful sign and crying, "oh, fog! So that's what it is. That's why I can't see anything more than five yards in front of me. What a relief. I'm glad someone told me what was going on".

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday cooking and wrapping presents with Catbert's and DSOK's help, as we had 12 family members coming around on Christmas Eve.

Catbert was amused that the idea I had of a buffet being easier and less effort to prepare than a sit down meal had resulted in two people cooking continuously for a day! It was well worth it though, as we had all the generations of the family represented from seventy years old down to 20 months, which doesn't happen often.
Today we have had a lovely, peaceful day, Christmas Dinner for four was easier to prepare than a buffet for twelve!

DSOK stayed up till 3.00 am to get Catbert's scarf finished, and doesn't it look gorgeous!
I'm afraid I didn't stay up till 3.00 am to finish the socks, and I have had much less time to knit than I expected. DSOK loves his sock anyway, here he is asleep on the sofa after dinner, and I'm knitting as fast as I can to get the second one done! Me feel guilty? Never!Ooh, and I forgot to mention that I got a Vogue Stitchionary, Marianne Kinzel's Lace Knitting part 1 and a pair of Lantern Moon needles amongst my gifts, so I have been lucky.

A happy, peaceful Christmas to you all.


Anni said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I didn't get all my Christmas knitting finished iether. Hope you have a few relaxing days now.

terri said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I wouldn't worry too much about the sock, my tiger sock is also languishing unfinished *hangs head in shame*
enjoy the rest of christmas:-)

Christina said...

I love the slideshow, sounds like you had great fun. And the one tiger sock is ab fab ;)

I've been trying all morning and failing to get my slide show to appear in my post from photobucket. How did you do it? I tried pasting the code, but it didin't work. ta.

Cindy G said...

What wonderful pictures! Lucky sister to have a brother who would, and can, knit her such a great scarf.
Here in Wisconsin we had a lovely Christmas pudding, made by my DH, who adores all things British.

Christina said...

thanks for the advice, I must be a numpty, cos it's still not working. oh well, I give up for now!!