Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Mitten Snippin' Too

For those of you who are sick of the sight of the mittens now, here is a picture of DSOK's Tiger socks, which I am knitting as fast as I can on my new, shiny, teeny tiny 2mm addi turbos. Aren't they sweet? The addi turbos I mean. I'm just about to start the heel flap, so I'll probably get them finished in time. If I knit nothing else for the next 10 days.

And for anyone who would like to see what happened next, here is part two of the mitten saga. In this part I complete unpicking the cut ends and pick up 15 stitches which I then put onto 3 needles and knit around to begin the thumb. Probably you all know how to do this but Mr Knitbert and I spent all Sunday afternoon filming and then cutting and then formatting and I am publishing every. single. video. Don't forget there is still a part three to come!

We are getting close to Christmas now, and time is running out for preparations. Last weekend I either bought or ordered online all remaining presents. The online orders are starting to arrive this week, yippee! I love getting parcels. I should perhaps confess that a needle case from Ehwa Aprons did fall into my basket and is also expected imminently. Hey, it's just a present from me to me...

One of the things I bought on Saturday was for my niece. When I got it home I checked the size that her mother had said I should get (I probably should have done that before going shopping - Mr Knitbert certainly thinks so)and unfortunately I was one size off. So that's got to go back and be exchanged this Saturday (sigh).

I have been helped with getting into the advent spirit by the highly enjoyable Hunk a Day Advent Calendar on the Crafty Threads and Yarns Forum.

This weekend I have got to write all my Christmas cards, I've been putting it off, but this is it, we've run out of time, they've got to be done. The labels and a sheet of photographs are printed out, boxes of cards are ready and waiting. I'm going to set up a production line. I have to do the actual writing, because otherwise Mr Knitbert says "what shall I write in this one, then?" for every single card, so he has to be relegated to putting cards in envelopes and sticking on labels or we'd never be finished.

I also just received a call from Catbert to say that Mr Knitbert sent her and DSOK three emails about his Amazon wishlist.
The first email said "this is the email to use to find my wishlist". The second email said " actually I can't remember if I had an account with that email so I've created a new one with this email, use that one to find my wishlist". The third email said " even I can't find my wishlist using this email address, so here's a link to it". Only unfortunately the link is designed for the logged in person to see their own wishlist, so it still doesn't work. Doh!


terri said...

The socks are looking great!!!!!!!!!!(frosties eaters will get that one;-))
I love the speed of knitting on two circs, its so much easier than dpns once you get started isn't it:-)
LOL at hubbie asking what to write in the christmas cards, I've got one just the same:-)

Christina said...

I love those tiger socks. I'm a convert to 2 circs now as well, and am speeding down mine.