Sunday, 10 December 2006

Mitten Snippin' Good

Today I finished the second of the Elizabeth Zimmerman mitred mittens. With Mr Knitbert's assistance I have made a video of me snipping the knitting, picking up stitches and then knitting the thumb, which is in three parts. You can view the first part here:
. The actual snipping is in this part! I'll post the second and third parts over the next few days. I couldn't believe how long it takes for a video to upload compared to a photograph.

I'm very happy with them and now I am casting on a pair of socks for DSOK the intern, in the possibly vain hope that I will have enough time to finish them before Christmas. DSOK's term finished this weekend and he went off to some sports tournament or other, so I've had to guess what size his feet are as he is not answering his phone. By an amazing stroke of luck, however, there were a pair of ghastly worn out trainers of his in the pile of stuff that he doesn't want any more but doesn't want us to throw away either, which is cluttering up a corner of my garage at the moment, and I was able to use these to determine his current shoe size.


Christina said...

OMG, how brave are you?!! I'd be sure to muck that up - no steeks for me then ;) I've upgraded to beta blogger now, so you may be able to comment - not that's a hint or anything.

Piglottie said...

Thank you for the video instructions, which were very professionally filmed btw. I've never seen this method before, and have to agree with Christina that it looks a bit scary!

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