Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Looking Forward and Looking Back

I don't typically make New Year's resolutions, but I do like to look back over the past year and think about what went well, what I would like to change, and what objectives I might have for the coming year.

What Went Well
1. I changed my job, to reduce the amount I travel, work closer to home and have more time. I've really enjoyed being at home more, and being able to cycle to work sometimes.

2. I took up knitting again, partly because of the first change, as it is an activity which I can do in my lunch hour and easily pick up and put down at home. Boy, has this had an impact on my life last year! I used to do dressmaking, and this needs special equipment and much larger time slots. Originally I thought that I would fill in additional spare time with knitting, but in reality I just knit all the time now, and as a result I have (ahem)a few sewing UFOs. Last year I joined knitting forums, made lots of new friends who also like to knit, learned new techniques and improved old ones, discovered yarns, patterns, tools and resources I had never had any idea existed. Wow!

3. Also as a result of the first change I have been able to exercise more regularly and eat more healthily (as I have not been staying in hotels half the time).

So the lifestyle change has been successful and had a lot of beneficial effects. If I decide to change my job in the future I think it will be important to take these other aspects into account.

What I would Like to Change in 2007
1. Well, I'd like to give a little more attention to some projects in the house and garden this year, I think. There are some small changes and improvements to make in the garden which we have not got around to in the last few years, and there are a couple of rooms in the house I would like to decorate, or do some maintenance in.

2. I'd also like to have a bit of a clear out in DSOK's and Catbert's rooms, as they don't really live here any more, their rooms are just being used for storage. A lot of what is being stored is just rubbish, or could be stored more efficiently. DSOK has one of those beds on stilts, and I'd really like to store that or give it to him, and redo the room as an office.

3. I'd like to do more walking and cycling with Mr Knitbert, especially in the warmer weather. I know that Mr Knitbert, who reads this blog, will be turning pale with horror as he reads this, but I assure you it WILL BE FUN.

So there isn't really anything very fundamental I would like to change, and that makes sense because my job change last year was quite a significant change which I had been trying to bring about for a while.

Objectives for 2007
1. Knit some more lace, knit some nice, wearable garments which fit well (for me and others), and knit loads and loads of socks (12 pairs to be precise! See sidebar and more of this in a future post). Try to do some sewing as well as some knitting.

2. Review ways to improve work/life balance even further and consider if any changes might need to be made.

3. Relax, enjoy life, make the most of time with the family, stop worrying so much about achieving objectives!


Seahorse said...

Good luck with all your plans.

Just read your post below as well - Molesworth is just fab (as any fule kno)!

jklwat said...

Thanks for giving me your blog address in your Christmas card. I find your blog exceedingly diverting. I spend so much time reading about your life that I don't have time for a life of my own!