Saturday, 6 January 2007

Yarn Disclosure!

As you can see from the sidebar, I am signed up to "Sock a Month 2007" on the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns forum. I haven't started yet because I am knitting Ivy, but I thought I would do some preparation. I have decided to knit Hedera and wanted to choose the yarn. Now, I haven't been keeping an eye on my sock yarn stash, I know I have bought one or two balls over the last year, but I've knitted five pairs of socks so far and if I thought about it at all I probably imagined I had about four or five balls. Well.

First of all, I realised that I had actually bought four balls in the last three weeks, what with the Tiger socks panic and the P2tog sale. Oh, well, probably still less than ten balls overall.
Next I am collecting up all my sock yarn from the stash cupboard to photograph. "What are you doing?" asked Mr Knitbert. "I'm collecting up a few balls of sock yarn to photograph for the blog," I replied. At this point I was in fact stealthily trying to creep down the stairs carrying all the yarn. I had made a cunning pyramid of yarn in my arms, and unfortunately the top of the pyramid was higher than me and was causing some difficulty in seeing where I was treading. I was carefully looking around it so as not to lose my footing, when Mr Knitbert distracted me by saying "how much have you got then?" and getting up to come and see, instead of just waiting for the blog post like everyone else. I gave a guilty start, a ball of yarn fell off the top of the pyramid, I bent down to pick it up and...well, let's just say the yarn got down the stairs quicker than I did.

So I've got enough yarn to knit 18 pairs of socks; hey, loads of people have more than that. Don't they? Mr Knitbert was a bit shocked, though.

So here's the stash:
In this picture (back to front, L to R) Opal Lollipop, Lana Grossa Cotton, Lana Grossa Magica, Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream, Cygnet Wool Rich and Angel Yarns hand dyed.

Next there is Colinette Jitterbug, Bright Dyes hand-dyed Opal, Curious Yarns sock yarn, more Cygnet Wool Rich, Fyberspates sock yarn and another Lana Grossa Cotton. I'd just like to remind everyone that the Cygnet comes in 50g balls so you need two for a pair of socks. Just so there is no misunderstanding.

And finally, Sunbeam St Ives 4 ply, Opal Rainforest Tiger, one skein and two balls of Angel Yarns hand dyed, and another ball of Lana Grossa Cotton.

I rather like having a sock yarn stash, there is some possibility I might actually knit it all one day. Anyway, the one I'm going to use for the first 2007 sock is the Angel Yarns hand-dyed one which is shown in close-up at the beginning of this post.

Before I close, it came recently to my attention that 31 people had viewed Mr Knitbert's profile only to be disapointed because there was nothing there to see. I think this is rather unprofessional, so Mr Knitbert is currently locked in the computer room writing his profile. Please accept the Knitbert Principle's apologies if you were one of these 31 people. I've also noted that he hasn't actually posted anything yet, although he did mutter something about posting his New Year Resolutions, which would be about doing less DIY, no walking or cycling at all and resting more.


Auntie Noo said...

I love the way you write - such a great sense of humour!

I am thinking that the whole raison d'etre for the sockamonth was the size of some people's stash - I'm naming no names but I'm sure someone admitted to 61 balls!!!!! So you are a mere beginner!!! (and can legitimately go out and buy more!)

terri said...

Sock stash though will probably get used eventually, so I never count it as stash at all! Plus it's decorative LOL
Looking forward to seeing your hedera too:-)

Anni said...

Wow, that's fantastic. Love the yarns. Especially the lilac Lana Grossa. I want that one. And your stash is still smaller than my sock stash so keep buying.

Kai said...

very cool stash there!!

i love hedera and AY Hand Dyed is a great choice to knit them up in...

jklwat said...

I am one of 31! Am I actually allowed to comment on your site if I don't do knitting?

Catknit said...

Oh just the one or two balls then....Your pics make me feel slightly better now ;-)

Christina said...

very nice sock stash you've got there. *is jealous* !!!!

Roadside said...

Nice stash, makes mine look teeny tiny though, only got 5 in mine, time to rush out and get some more.