Friday, 25 May 2007

Better Get on With Some Knitting

I haven't done a huge amount of knitting this week, but I have made progress with Charlotte's Web. The photo shows what it looks like now, with 20 rows left to do. It is sooo enjoyable to knit, the colours are divine and I hardly notice how long the rows are. It seems to have knitted up very quickly. I am hoping to finish it and have it blocking by the end of the long weekend.

In addition to making progress on Charlotte's Web, I have cast on for the Chicknits Ribby Shell in Jaeger Trinity.

I like the colour but am not sure yet about the texture. Although my gauge is correct, the Trinity is a little lighter than the recommended yarn, so the texture is a little open. I think I will just have to knit it up and see if I like the finished article. What do you think? In any case I think I might knit another one in cotton. I really like the pattern, it just looks so elegant and cool.

I have acquired some more Trinity, in Clay, which I think is simply gorgeous and definitely destined to be another Ivy; and some in Wisteria. There is a pattern in Summer Interweave Knits which might be earmarked for that. I also received my copies of More Sensational Knitted Socks, and Yarnplay. I am going to knit Poppy and the EBTKS for sure, and I rather like Lorelei as well.

I am planning to visit GetKnitted very soon, so this will be the ideal chance to choose some Noro for Poppy.

Mr Knitbert has already been away for two weeks, the time has flown past and have I done all the sorting, organising, gardening and decorating that I thought I would get time for while he was away? Well that would be no. Catbert is coming to visit tomorrow for a couple of days. She has got a super new job, so I am looking forward to hearing all about that.

Oh and I have signed up for a Dalek-Along on the Crafty Threads and Yarns Forum. Well, I needed another project...


Seahorse said...

Oooh, I just innocently went for a look at Jannette's Trinity, having seen how nice yours looks and it all started leaping into my basket! ;)

Charollte's Web is looking gorgeous.

Billy Badger said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind but my Mum has tagged you for the 8 random facts game - you write 8 random things about yourself on your blog then tag 8 other bloggers!
Mum loves reading your blog and seeing all of you achievements she says that Charlotte's Web looks fantastic and can't wait to see it blocked.
licks from Billy

Christina said...

I love teh shawl.

Queen Frogger said...

The shawl is looking lovely. The Trinity is nice too, I have some stashed away for something!

Aknita said...

Isn't Charlotte's Web looking wonderful. I'm so looking forward to seeing it finished.

clarabelle said...

Yup, I've been tempted by the Trinity, but haven't succumbed (for a change). How does it compare to Rowan Summer Tweed?

Charlotte's Web looks wonderful, btw!

Badger said...

Charlotte's web is looking lovely so far :)

I'm not a massive fan of trinity, but the ribby shell does look very nice knitted in it.

Knitbert said...

Well stop press is that I have cast off the shawl and am now starting on the crochet edging, I have stopped for a well earned internet break ;-)
I'll take a photo before I put on the fringe and before blocking.

The Trinity is very similar to Summer Tweed, but lighter weight. It's probably a bit less textured and softer, so a little easier to knit with.

Gosh, Billy I'll give the random facts some thought! I still have this month's blogalong post to do before next Thursday aaaargh where did May go?

gilraen said...

Your Charlottes' Web looks lovely. Did you pick the colours to go together or were they chosen for you?

I didn't like Trinity at first but after knitting with it for a while I did. It grows on you. :)

Is yours Powder? :)

Knitbert said...

I chose the colours, and I did have advice, for example to take a few semisolids and not all Painter's Palette, so it would not be too messy. I think that has worked out well.

I've been putting the fringe on this evening, it is surprisingly hard work...
And yes, it is powder!