Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Well, it is February 28th, and this means two things. One is that it is time (well, that is to say the last possible time!) to make my Blogalong post for February, on this month's topic of Serendipity. When I thought about this word, what came into my mind was a memory from childhood, of a television character called Serendipity Dog. I do not remember much about Serendipity Dog except that he was a robot dog who asked questions in a mechanical voice, and after all this time I am not sure that I have not confused him somewhat with K9, Dr Who's dog. A quick search reveals some information in Wikipedia which confirms the existence of Serendipity Dog, though sadly I have not managed to find a photo of him.

The picture I have posted is of Deputy Dawg. I was only about eight or nine years old when I remember watching Serendipity Dog; I had never heard the word serendipity and did not know what it meant. I imagined that it was a kind of play on the name Deputy Dawg, another of my favourite programmes at the time. For all those years the two characters have remained associated in my mind, and if I think of serendipity, Deputy Dawg comes to mind as well!
The other thing that February 28th means is that it is time to have finished my socks for the Sock a Month challenge. Here's how they are looking:

Oops! I haven't quite made it. Oh well, they will have to be the first socks for March, instead. And finally, I received this pack of Jaeger Trinity, in a pale blue colour called Powder, yesterday.

It was on sale at Janette's Rare Yarns and one pack should be enough to make a summer weight Ivy, don't you think? Of course, I have a few things to knit before I can get started on that. Apart from a few socks, I have a sweater to design and knit for Mr Knitbert. But it is such a lovely soft yarn and a pale, summery colour, I just couldn't resist it.


Auntie Noo said...

I love the soft colour of the Trinity! It will be lovely for the summer. I managed to finish my Hedera socks yesterday, not quite the same enthusiasm that I showed in Jan!!... and childhood memories for Serendipity, they're always good!

Seahorse said...

Isn't it funny how we think of things as children?

I love the Hedera socks, finished or not!

I was looking at the Trinity in Jannette's shop this morning... should resist, really... lol

blog-blethers said...

Beautiful sock and it will look great whatever month of the sock-a-month it stars in:)

Kai said...

The hedera are looking absolutely lovely!!

And the Trinity will definitely make a fantastic summer Ivy.

I have the sewing up to tackle now.. and then I'll have finished mine too! About time!

Christina said...

That's a fantastic sock, really pretty. Nice yarn too. I still haven't caved and bought any yarn yet ;)