Thursday, 8 February 2007

Guess the Baby

Some while ago there was a bit of a crisis in the Knitbert household. It was sparked by an event I am organising at work, for which, to add a bit of fun, we decided that the management team should all provide some baby photos. The idea was to put them on the wall and ask the attendees to guess who was which baby.

So that weekend I asked Mr Knitbert to go into the loft, where there is a box containing all the Knitbert family photos for about the last hundred years (no really) and drawings made by my Aunt Dorothy, and my grandmother Molly's notebooks, and to bring this box down. Well, Mr Knitbert searched the loft, and brought assorted boxes to show me, and I shouted instructions from the top of the ladder until I was hoarse, but the long and the short of it was that we had lost the box of photos.

Now of course I know that this cannot have happened. My brother Yugbert, who previously had custody of this box, had brought it to us a few years earlier, when he was moving house, and asked us to look after it for a while. We said no problem, and we took the box and put it in the loft. Since then there have been no untoward occurrences, no break-ins, no coming home and finding the loft hatch swinging mysteriously open, and we haven't touched the box ourselves. So it must still be in the loft! The problem seems to be that Mr Knitbert can't find it.

I daren't mention to my brother that we might not exactly know, just at this precise moment, the exact location of the box, and also I do need a baby photo for the event at work, and even more than all that I would actually like to find the box because it has Important Things in it. So this last weekend I sent Mr Knitbert up to the loft again and we tried a more structured approach. This time I just ordered him to describe things from the boxes that are in the loft, and then bring them to me. I have a suspicion that Mr Knitbert is applying too much personal judgement when looking at boxes and is dismissing candidate boxes just because, in his opinion, they don't look like The Box.

Well, we didn't find The Box yet, but we did find a box which has a lot of my photos in, including some baby photos, as you can see from the photo of me and Yugbert at the top of this post, so that was a good start. And Mr Knitbert has offered to put flooring in the loft and put up shelves so I can look for my own d___n Box in future. Isn't that sweet of him?

I received two items in the post this week which were not yarn (I blushingly confess that there were also items which are yarn), one of them was this book, which was recommended by Jacquie, and is very interesting, and one was the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. I like a lot of the things in this magazine, and in particular I would like to knit the Ruffled Surplice, the Ribs and Lace tank, the Dollar and a Half Cardigan, the Slanted Neck Pullover, the Cable Down Raglan, the Merry Maiden's Dress for my twin cousins (they'll be the right size in about five years, luckily) and the Bauhaus Fair Isle Sweater for Mr Knitbert.

I am overwhelmed with admiration for the technical virtuosity of Eunny's entrelac socks, but I personally would not care to wear them. And let me reassure you now that there will never be any knitted items in the lingerie drawer chez Knitbert.


Seahorse said...

That's a great picture - you are very recognisable! I wonder if Mr Knitbert is suffering from that well known masculine affliction 'knowing better'? ;)I suspect The Box might leap straight into your arms once you are in the loft yourself.

The book looks fun but I hardly think you need it!

Knitbert said...

Seahorse, I am convinced that as soon as I look at the things stored in the loft I will immediately spot The Box!

Christina said...

yes, i'm sure you'll find the box yourself quickly. This always happens when my DH tries to find something ;) I like the look of the cable raglan too. Oh no, I may need another magazine.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for poor Mr. Knitbert. He will need his own blog in order to get his side of the story in. No this is not him posting, BTW. But at least he might get that fairisle sweater, which should keep him happy and continuing to go up into the loft for you.


Knitbert said...

Catherine, thank you for your comment! I passed it on to Mr Knitbert, who was hiding in the computer room in case he was asked to do any gardening, but he pushed a message under the door to say that he was pleased to have a fan and delighted that someone could see his point of view at last ;-)
And I am going to knit him a sweater next, more news of that once I have started.