Tuesday, 21 November 2006

A Little Experiment

At the weekend I saw a slideshow that someone had created of their work over the last year. It looked so great I thought I would try one myself. This one shows a few projects I have completed this year. I must say there are not as many as all that! What have I spent my time doing? If this works I will make a slideshow of some of our family photos, to show what we have been doing over the year.

To see details of the projects just hover your mouse over the picture.
Isn't that fab! I will get Mr Knitbert to publish one of all the aircraft he photographed at the Farnborough Airshow - bet you can't wait.


Christina said...

have only just noticed u have a blog - am very slow ;) congrats to the graduate, could u understand the latin!!

nice AY stash, and lots of lovely things on the slide show, despite your grumbling about lack of wips!!

Anni said...

Love the slide thingy. And the shoal water is beautiful. Stunning.

Knitbert said...

My blog's quite new Christina, and I din't advertise it much until there were a few entries.
I could only understand a little of the Latin, and only then because they repeated the same phrase about a hundred times!

I'm glad you liked the Shoalwater Anni, I'm really proud of it, it's my first big bit of proper lace.