Thursday, 30 November 2006

In Which Some Weekend Knitting is Displayed

As promised yesterday, here are some of the items which I made progress on when not walking. First of all, my SWT Oasis Clapotis, hasn't it grown? Well, I've finished the sixth repeat anyway.
Then the second pair of Knucks I have made, these ones for me, in Jamieson's Shetland DK. They are lovely and cosy!
I also knitted this Tychus hat, using some yarn called Katia that I bought in Mallorca this summer and some left-over Schoeller and Stahl Limbo Color DK sock yarn. It is a surprise extra Christmas present for Ratbert, and I thought I was safe in knitting it while she was there as she always complains she can't see anything nowadays and she knows nothing about knitting, but no, the moment I got it out, "isn't that the rest of my sock yarn? What are you making with it?" Never ask questions about stuff this close to Christmas, Ratbert!
Finally, this odd shaped thing is in fact an Elizabeth Zimmerman mitred mitten in progress. It is also in the Katia yarn, which is rather soft and pretty, and it's for my daughter Catbert. It is loads of fun to knit, is progressing fast and I have still got the fun of snipping the stitches to make the thumb to look forward to. *Gulp*
It really is amazing what you can get done when you have no distractions!


Christina said...

The mitt looks very interesting and complicated.

Your clapotis is coming along nicely, the colours are very subtle.

Anni said...

the mitred cloves look interesting. Love the Clapotis. The colours are lovely. I've still not had a go at clapotis.

Queen Frogger said...

Snipping stitches on the mitts sounds very scarey!! I love your shoalwater shawl on the photo gallery. How many skeins of yarn did it take?

Knitbert said...

The shoalwater took just over three 100g skeins of 4-ply. So I can have matching socks one day!