Sunday, 27 April 2008

Start at The End and Work Backwards

April has been a busy month! I was away for a whole week on a training course, and what with packing to go away and unpacking when I got back...
Anyway, I've been doing loads of things. Yesterday I went hiking for almost the first time this year. I started in West Hoathly and walked across the Bluebell Railway and around. Here's me by the railway line:

there was a train due in 20 minutes, so we didn't wait, but we did see several puffing through the countryside as we slogged up the hills and across fields. The best part of the walk was the bluebell woods, which were in full bloom with a carpet of blue.

While I was away on my course I did make some progress on the Bergere de France Cable Sweater, but since then I have got sidetracked into glove making. I received a request for some more gloves with a skull motif; here is the first one:

The second glove will have a smiley on the back. For these gloves I used Ann Budd's "Knitters Handy Book of Patterns". While adding the motif, I noticed again that as the unused yarn is carried around, it shows through a little bit in the black areas, and realised that it would be much better if I were to make the pattern go all round the glove. As these gloves are made to a the requirements of someone else, I decided to start another pair of gloves, for me, to try out this technique. You can see this glove at the top of the post. It has a frill round the bottom and a fairisle pattern band, with stripes on the thumb gusset. I've just got to the ring finger. Here's a closeup of the pattern.

I think that's come out much better. When I've finished these and the second black glove, I have a request for another set of skully gloves, and I am going to try designing a fairisle band with skulls in it rather than a skull motif.
Right now I've got two half finished pairs of gloves and a half finished pair of socks to be getting on with, not to mention a cable sweater.
As if that weren't enough, I've decided to have a go at dyeing! Not yarn, though, but fabric. I'll tell you all about that next time. PS for Catbert, here's what your fuschia pink skirt looks like at the moment.

To be continued...

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belaybunny said...

oh, you've been out walking lucky you - I must get out again soon!!! I love the gloves you've been knitting, and Ambleside is one of my favourite places too ;)