Monday, 7 January 2008

Hello Cruel World...

In the end I took the rest of last week off, I just could not face returning. So this is my first day back. It was cold and dark when I got up this morning. I have a cold. I couldn't remember my password when I arrived at work (what am I saying? I could hardly remember my own name), so I entered the wrong one three times and was locked out of my account until IT could get around to unlocking it.

All the things I didn't have time to do before the break haven't got done by themselves, so I still have to do them.

I hate January.

I think I need to buy some yarn...

When I'm in a better frame of mind I'll post a picture of my first Snowflake sock, which is nearing completion. Should I do it with a contrasting toe as well, I wonder?
I'll also see if I can think of some objectives for 2008. Groan.


Glenna C said...

My sympathies on the start of January! I think yarn is always a good idea. It is always there for you in times of trouble!

franney said...

Oh dear, not a good start is it, i think some yarn to cheer you up would be a perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of poorlyness and returning to work!
As for contrasting toes, i think it sounds like a very good idea and i am looking forward to seeing the sock too :o)

Aknita said...

I guess one of the benefits of having to work Christmas and New Year means you don't get that "back to work" awfulness! I do hope things are looking brighte now.

Happy New Year to you!