Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Normal service is about to resume...

I'm working on a new post, honest I am. I just need photos! I've even finished knitting something.
I also had a knitting disaster - I have LOST a Clapotis. I wore my lovely soy silk Clapotis to work one day a few weeks ago, and I went out to lunch wearing it. When I went to leave the office that evening, I couldn't find it. I have phoned and been back to the place where I had lunch, and they do not have it and do not remember seeing it left behind. So, I don't know what has become of it. I hope it has gone to a good home. I am rather sad about it, because it was a lovely soft colour and it went with lots of things, and if I knit another I think I will do a different colour, so I will probably never have a chocolate soy silk Clapotis again.
I guess I'll have to be more careful in future.


Glenna C said...

Oh no! I am so, so sorry...I hope you can find it or at the very least manage a replacement. That is such a loss.
I am glad you are in the blogosphere again :)

Fiona said...

Oh no - what awful news. I bet it has gone to a good home. Somebody really liked it. Buggers.

Nice to see you are about to be back.

Knitbert said...

Thank you both for your comments, it makes me feel a bit better to think that it has been taken by someone who really liked it!

Aknita said...

I'm sorry about Clapotis too :-(

It's nice to "see" you again :-)

Mohammad Salauddin said...

Oh no..very bad news.
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