Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bad Hair Season

Today I am posting from Singapore, where I have been since Sunday (morning for you, afternoon for me). It is a very nice place, clean and safe and full of greenery, water and some rather large shopping malls. This photo is of me outside our hotel. It is rather hot here and very humid, which is a nightmare for my hair. As some of you have noticed, I have recently been straightening my naturally curly hair. Normally it is fine all day as the air is not too humid at home, but here, as soon as I step outside the hotel airconditioning my hair starts inexorably to twist into corkscrew curls. So I have to take all the photos of me very early in the morning, just after my hair has been styled and before it has begun to frizz.

Here are Mr Knitbert and I on our way to the beach.

Here is the water's edge, and me drinking a smoothie which I had just bought. Mr Knitbert was having a 2-scoop ice cream, but his photo is not very flattering.

So far I have been shopping in some great big malls, walked along the beach and had lunch in a little beach side restaurant, and been to Chinatown and bought some silk brocade. This afternoon I went on an amphibious bus, which was once a landing craft in WW2, and which drives around part of the tour and then goes into the water and floats for the other part. Unfortunately I let Mr Knitbert (who has to work in the afternoon and evening) leave with the camera, so I don't have any photos of that bit.

In the evening, I thought it would be good to do some exercise, so I have signed up for a week's membership at a nearby fitness club and I have been going to yoga classes. They are called "hot yoga" and this is because they are done in a room which is heated to about 28C, so you sweat buckets but it helps to stretch your muscles. The level is also fiendishly difficult, and as I have not done yoga for a few years (although I do Pilates) I now have muscles aching in bizarre places. On the other hand, my spine is very flexible!

I have been getting on with my crochet project from Colinette, the Sweet Chestnut scarf from the Arboretum book.

It is in TAO silk, which is gorgeous to work with, in colourway moss. It is probably the most complicated crochet design I have done so far and I am coping with it OK, so I am rather pleased with myself.

I have got my Mystery Stole with me, and am plodding through Clue 2, but I feel more like doing the scarf right now, so that's what I am going with.

I do also have a pair of Mr Knitbert's unfinished socks with me (unfinished since March, that is) and the crochet squares I was doing on the flight to New Zealand, which will one day become a cushion cover. No, really!


LittleBerry said...

looks / sounds like your having a good time.... I like the scarf but your Mystery stole looks great and is definitely worth carrying on with......

Jacquie said...

We lived in Singapore when I was little for two years. When we got back to England my hair completely dried out and snapped off near the roots and I had to have it cut really short. I am sure that won't happen to you though!!!

Looks like you are having a great time!

Fiona said...

Thanks again for sharing your travels with us. I can relate to the frizz problem. A mere hint of moisture in the air, or just feeling a little sweaty, and my hair becomes Winnie the Witch.

Your crochet is looking beautiful. The colourway is gorgeous.

Seahorse said...

Super post!

The yoga sounds a bit alarming - but fun!

Love the Tao scarf.

Mr Knitbert's shirt pocket looks prepared for any eventuality!

Christina said...

sounds like you're having a great time. I love the crochet scarf, that's going to look very chic when it's done. I've never tried yoga, but it sounds fun!!