Saturday, 23 June 2007

Swatching in My Sleep?

Well, despite a rather hectic week in which I seemed to get home completely exhausted every evening, I have knitted another Mystery Stole swatch in the Cherry Tree Hill laceweight merino, blocked it and chosen some new beads to go with it. I have no idea when I did all this! Maybe I have finally learned to knit while I sleep. Anyway, here is the yarn now wound into a ball, and the swatch. I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn and I adore the colour, which I think is not too variegated to show off the lace pattern, so my choice is made. I ordered three new packs of beads from e-beads, some jet beads which are black and shiny, some rainbow beads which are light coloured, and some silver-lined amethyst beads which are just right!

Here is a close up of the swatch and the beads on a neutral ground. The beads look quite black in this photo, but in reality they are dark purple with a little flash of silvery purple where the silver lining is. They are absolutely beautiful.
I have an idea that I would like to use the jet beads with some grey laceweight. One day.
I have knitted another two inches of the Ribby Shell, but it still looks like a featureless tube, so I haven't taken another photo. I hope to get to the front and back later this weekend. And I have done precisely no sock knitting, I really have to do something about this as I will be expelled from the sockamania KAL if I don't join in this month, and I think I should be in line for the wooden spoon as far as knitting a sock a month is concerned. *Hangs head in shame*. So, Anni, I promise that I will at least start July's sockamania socks.

I was away from home again earlier this week, in Paris this time, and for once it was a sultry 30 degrees C and did not rain. While I was away DSoK the Intern tried several times to call me, and continued to leave messages on the answering machine. I avoided returning his calls as I was fairly sure he wanted to borrow money, but following a plaintive text message on Friday afternoon I decided I was a Bad Mother and gave him a ring. Well, how wrong could I be! He certainly did not need to borrow any money. However, he did want to arrange when we will drive up to collect all his stuff so it can be stored here over the summer. He also reported that he had been tidying his room for two weeks and it still looked a complete shambles. Mmmmm. I wonder if we have the same definition of the word "tidying"?


Christina said...

I love the swatch and the beads match it perfectly, from what I can see!!

Aknita said...

What a beautiful swatch and a great choice of beads :-)I think the yarn will suit the pattern perfectly.

I have weeks which disappear in a blur, I have no idea where time goes. I haven't knitted a sock for months, and have hardly knitted at all since Monday.

DD and I have differing interpretations of "tidy" ;)

Fiona said...

Beautiful swatch. I think this is going to work perfectly.

Cindy G said...

That colorway is drop dead gorgeous! Can hardly wait to see the finished shawl.