Saturday, 28 April 2007

Three Wishes

Oh, my, where has this month gone? I can't believe it is already nearly a month since we returned home. I just realised that if I don't make my Blogalong post right now, then I will be too late. You may also have missed the regular Memory Lane post this month, but it will be returning at the beginning of May.

So, three wishes. Oh, well, wish one is easy:

I wish for more time in every day, to spend knitting, sewing, blogging and talking to my online friends. I don't want to give up working, because I enjoy that too, so I need more hours in the day, or else I need to do with less sleep. Sadly, I am not one of those who can sleep for three or four hours a night, Knitbert needs her beauty sleep! I am strictly an eight hours a night girl.

Last weekend I went up to London to meet with my friend Dogbert, who is a successful management consultant with her own company (which is how we met) and who turned out to have been a keen knitter some years ago and guess what! she is now a keen knitter once more (evil laugh).
We met for coffee just outside Liberty's, and made our way to Stash Yarns in Putney. We had been to an Adventures in Knitting course here last November, and we were delighted to see our tutor on that occasion, the very talented and creative Nickerjac, in the shop again. What a gorgeous shop this is! First of all, it is very welcoming and full of people knitting and talking about knitting, and secondly it is just an Aladdin's cave of gorgeous colours and textures.
So here's the thing. I bought rather a lot of yarn while I was away, and I didn't knit a huge amount. Since I have been back I might have just bought a teeny tiny skein of BFL laceweight in semi solid pink from Bright Dyes, but otherwise I have been trying to finish Mr Knitbert's socks and frankly the stash cupboard is full. I mean really full, I can't get anything new into it. So, I was absolutely determined not to buy any yarn at all. I thought I might buy a pattern or two, and maybe some needles.
Sadly, I think you can see where this is going. Well, some evil person in Stash had laid out copies of the Charlotte's Web shawl pattern, which I have been wanting to knit for ages, and worse than that, they had laid out sets of Koigu KPPM skeins in suitable colours. Probably the time between my entering the shop and my knowing that I was going to buy the pattern and some Koigu to knit it was at least ten minutes...but the fact is, you have to see the colours and play with the different skeins together, you can't buy a thing like that over the internet, now can you?
Anyway, here is my shawl so far, and all the colours I chose (with Nic's help) for it. Isn't it fab?I am soooo enjoying knitting it.

Wish two:
DSoK the Intern was in a philosophical mood after my reunion weekend, and we spent a lot of time talking about the importance of friends, and how one of the best things in life is to spend time in nice places, eating good food and just talking with good friends. Many of my friends are those I made years ago, and while it is lovely to see them, I think it would be nice to make new friends, too, and to develop those friendships which have begun more recently (some of them here or on knitting forums). So, my second wish is for more occasions to spend time with my friends, and more friends to spend time with.

Mmmm, while I think about my third wish, here are a couple of other photos to prove that I have been knitting this week. I have nearly finished my Chocolate Soy Silk Clapotis, and I have made quite a lot of progress with Mr Knitbert's Father and Son socks, although they are not going to be done in time for the April Sock a Month challenge. I would just like to call attention to the fact there there are two of them, and they are on two circs (smug).

Wish no 3
I think that my third wish has to be for good health, which is not something to be taken for granted. I know that some of my friends have overcome or live with health problems and still live a full and happy life, and how much I admire them for that. Me, I'm unbearable if I have even a little cold!

Right, I'm off to read the other Three Wishes Blogalong posts now!


Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Kudos on your wishes!!!!
Girl, I joined sockamonth kal last month, after the deadline and I had knit several pairs of socks and this month...have NOT finished the socks (have been ill some) BUT I still should/could have finished them and I was just knitting frantically and realized...I won't have an A by my name!!
I so love your clappie...the yarn is YUMMMMMY!! Please, explain in more detail, what yarn is this?!

Jacquie said...

Three lovely wishes, and lots of lovely knitting. Koigu in real life is totally irresistable soyou odefinitely cannot be blamed for ending up with some - especially in combination with that shawl pattern.

Knitbert said...

Hello Becka, I'm glad you like my Clapotis. The yarn is the South West Trading company's Oasis soy silk. It is fabulously soft and drapey and silky, and I love knitting with it. This colourway is called chocolate, and there are others, including some bright ones, they are all gorgeous.

Jacquie, I'm gald you can confirm that Koigu IRL is irresistible! I thought I did well to limit myself to only 5 skeins...

clarabelle said...

What lovely knitting you have on the needles, Knitbert! Interesting reading your wishes.... and interesting reading about your Stash Yarns encounter. Just been talking last week to Glenna C about this place. I hadn't heard of it despite the fact I live in England, but she has - a Canadian! Typical..!

Nickerjac said...

The colours are looking good on the shawl:) I have the same problem every time I walk into Stash (and thats once a week) I just want to buy everything.

Aknita said...

I haven't succumbed to Kiogu - YET - but I am sure I shall someday! I found my 3 wishes a really thought provoking post.

Fiona said...

I'm with you on your wishes. And I'm an "at least eight hours a night" girl.

Christina said...

the shawl is looking lovely so far. Nice socks too. And your clapotis, I'd forgotten all about that one ;) I love the chocolate colours.

RUTH said...

I'll second all of your Three Wishes. My greatest complaint at the moment is that I need more hours in the day. A great Blogalong post!

Cindy G said...

Oh, buying the Koigu was soooo right. The shawl is looking gorgeous.