Saturday, 31 March 2007

North to South

Just a short post today, as I am in Christchurch in an internet cafe, and my hour on the network will soon expire. There is still so much to write about and so many photos to show, but I guess I will complete the story back in the UK (with a permanent broadband connection!). Mr Knitbert is doing fine by the way, and thanks those who expressed concern about his ghastly experiences. He is mainly sticking to cake at the moment.

Here I am in Hokitika, at the National Kiwi Centre, where they also had yarn. This is where I got my Natural Felted Merino yarn, which is lovely and soft. I would like to make a cardigan in it, I think, there was a nice one in the last Interweave Knits which I quite fancy, if the tension is right.
I'm a little ahead of myself, though, as before we got to Hokitika, which is in the South Island, we had to drive from Rotorua, down the West Coast of the North Island, to Waikanae, where there is a beautiful beach, and then to Wellington. In the morning we had to cross the Cook Straits from Wellington in the North Island to Picton in the South. It was a beautiful day, and a lovely crossing. I took the opportunity to make some much needed progress with Mr Knitbert's socks!

The scenery in Marlborough Sound is just stunning, and as it takes about one and a half hours to traverse the Sound, there is plenty of time to look at it. There is a strict speed limit on the ferries in the Sound, they only do about 5 knots, as otherwise they might damage the wildlife and the coastline. There has been an ongoing argument between the ferry companies and the local residents about this for many years. It is beautiful though, isn't it?


Christina said...

Look at all that yarn!! Lucky you, I like the photo of you sat there knitting. And you look so happy in the yarn shop too :) Glad mr k is ok, what a good excuse to eat cake, anyway. Have a safe flight home.

clarabelle said...

The yarn looks wonderful! How do you choose?! I'd want it all.... Great photos as well. Have a good journey home!

Anni said...

Look at that gorgeous blue sea and the fantastic yarn. I'd want to take it all with me. LOL.